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“paintings from the soul”
“Paintings from the Soul”

Peter Jac Steenman - 1958


My childhood took place largely in the Kennemer dunes of North Holland. For me a world that continues to this day is decisive for my path of life . Nature in all its facets, from the unpredictable forces of the North Sea to the mystic morning mist in the valleys and the vast plains of the underlying polder. A living encyclopedia of flora and fauna, as yet untouched ... and for me in my childhood a world trying to translate in images.

I am a observer, firstly from a sensory perception and as the time passed developed and grew the spectrum to an increasing stratification.This was fueled by my education at d'Witte Lelie in Amsterdam, followed by 35 years of photography and 3 years Fontys School studying Visual Arts in Tilburg.

Nowadays my inner child takes me to deeper experiences and I travel along the path of ancient cultures, science, philosophy and Art in a fascinating world full of special cross-references.

Wonderment knows no bounds. I invite you to experience the reflections of my work as a renewed encounter, a reunification with your inner child ...

“A true artist is created by the fusion of an owl and a falcon: he never falls asleep...”
“True art is born out of ignorance and total silence. This provides an artist access to the treasury of the universe ...”



My voyage takes me to the area where the essence of life is embedded in the different phases and approaches of our origins from the Cosmos.

Natal growth and development, death and rebirth. These processes I find constantly reflected in my daily encounters with nature which is an important source for my work.

Apparently an interpretation of "The Circle of Life" but seen in the theory of the Evolution an irreversible expanding phenomenon. This energy I try to translate in my paintings in a almost palpable encounter. I travel in a metaphorical environment into the twilight zone of impressions versus abstraction in order to provide a perception which can be experienced from different perspectives.

The themes are seemingly random, but underlying the relationships weave a travelogue based on my personal life experiences and observations which I process from an intuition, driven by a magical and as yet unexplained energy...

“In fact, I do not paint myself: I merely follow the dialogue that my inner child holds with the canvas, unbiased and uninhibited by conditioning.”
“The secret of life is the path of truth and consciousness , the magic of art is a tangible footprint on the same path..”
“Painting seems a kind of navigation without a final destination...”

Photography & Conceptual Art

Photography & Conceptual Art

In my photography plays the layering around the subject a leading role.

From a broad spectrum and an interweaving of different perspectives I try to get to the core of my idea. It is not so much about the recording of 'recognizable' images but rather to bring about a feeling experience.

The context itself tells the story.This concptual approach should be read as a film.

“Wonder about the mystery of life. Do not try to control it”
“Life experience is a very precious gift. The value, however, expires immediately if you never want to share this...”
“Artists and trees are quite the same: the sky is the limit and their roots reach deep into the ground...”


Special Editions


'The Details'

To discover the nuances of my images up close, I have some details of my canvases captured in high resolution.

These very exclusive and special reproductions are pieces of Art themselves and will be issued in a limited edition of 8

+1 Epreuve d'Artiste.

The images are signed and numbered accompanied with a unique embossing.

Format 70x105cm, performed on high quality and true color Barite

Framed in a natural wooden frame.

“Art is just a preview of the universal infinity...”
“An empty mind is the source of a free spirit...”

Biënnale 2017


New work will be presented in an enchanting atmosphere.With all my fellow-artists I proudly invite you to visit this event and experience a wonderful world of "Art from the Heart"...


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